Skin Care


Facials in North Andover MA


Spa Facial

Duration: 60 minutes — $85

Designed with your individual skin care needs in mind. This customized facial consists of a deep cleansing, exfoliating, and an appropriate concentrate, relaxing neck, shoulder, and hand massage. This treatment will restore your skins balance and give it an instant glow.

Collagen Treatment Facial

Duration: 90 minutes — $115

This intensive anti-aging treatment hydrates, rejuvenates, tightens, and reconfigures the skins surface to reduce the visible signs of aging. Ending with a rose water collagen blanket to help lift and firm the skin for a radiant glow.

Express Enzyme Facial

Duration: 30 minutes — $42

This facial may be quick in length but results are long lasting. This express professional treatment consists of a deep cleanse, followed by an exfoliating enzyme, finishing off with a hydrating moisturizer and SPF.

Glymed Peels

Duration: 60 minutes — $135

A professional peel that eliminates all dead skin cells, reduces melasma, post inflammation, hyper pigmentation, sun damage, and wrinkles. Also aids in the reproduction of collagen and elastin. Peels are customized to each individuals specific skin care needs.

Dermaplanning Facial

Duration: 60 minutes — $95

A method to exfoliate that consists of using a specialized implement to gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells. This will reveal a smoother, brighter, healthier complexion. It also eliminates unwanted vellus hair which allows greater penetration of products.


Duration: 45 minutes — $40

An aromatherapy pressure point massage applied to the feet to engage and activate reflexes that correspond to specific body parts. Restores the bodies normal physiological functions while reducing tension, stress, and assisting to bring greater balance to mind and body.

Enhance Your Facial Add-On Services

Facial Collagen Blanket - $25

Enzyme - $15

Reflexology - $15 20 minutes


Semi-permanent eyelash extensions give you longer thicker lashes.

The lashes are curved and applied to each individual lash to achieve a natural or dramatic look.

Synthetic Lashes - $225

Authentic Mink Lashes - $275

Refill price varies by time elapsed after initial application.


Daytime - A quick 15 minute application including primer, tinted moisturizer, blush, eye shadow, liner, mascara, and finishing spray - $30

Evening/Special Occasion - A 30 minute application including primer, foundation, concealer, contouring, brow filler, eye shadow, liner, mascara, and finishing spray - $50

Temporary eyelashes - additional $20